* Per Invoice Minimum Charge is $20.00 bench fee.

* We offer expedite service of 1 day turn for an additional $100.00 surcharge  per unit or 2 day expedite service for an additional $50.00 surcharge per unit or 1 week expedite service for an additional $30.00 surcharge per unit . If you send in your unit and ask for service ASAP we think you want 1 day service for $100.00 extra, please tell us if you want to pay extra for expedited service. WHILE YOU WAIT, WEEKEND and HOLIDAY emergency service has a additional 100% surcharge.

* These rates DO NOT include shipping, handling charges and any applicable taxes.

* We install a new battery in any equipment for certifications or that requires the case to be split and calibration seal torn to replace battery in the field. If you install a new battery in your equipment before sending in for certification, you will avoid the additional battery charge but you will need to indicate that with the unit.

* Prices may vary with range of instrument.

* Prices are subject to change without notice.

* Invoice standard terms are COD unless established terms. Most major credit cards accepted.   


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